Packaging Compliance

Beyond Compliance

More than just compliance

When you comply with Clarity, we do more than just handle producer responsibility obligations on your behalf.

Our Beyond Compliance Services

We go beyond compliance to ensure our members can access a range of benefits and services that keep the costs of packaging compliance as low as possible, help to identify sustainable solutions for packaging that will enable their business to grow, and use ethical practices that will complement our members’ corporate social responsibility programme.

Packaging Waste Data Services

Our team has the expertise to help your business collect, format and submit your data. With a range of options, we can give as much or as little data support as required to ensure your business meets its legal requirements.

With attitudes to packaging changing, we can also provide some risk analysis and give you the tools to better report on the impact of packaging on your business.

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Packaging Risk Assessment

There are highly significant changes on the horizon for how businesses must handle packaging. And as consumers become increasingly hostile towards wasteful, misleading and hard-to-use packaging, businesses must get to grips with their packaging exposure.

We are supporting our members to prepare their next steps. Being recognised as a green organisation can boost sales, improve brand awareness and build customer loyalty, and there are more options than ever before for businesses to ensure that their packaging is sustainable. Let us work with your business to ensure you are fully aware of the risks before critical business and packaging decisions are made.

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Sustainable Packaging Workshops

We can offer a range of workshops aimed at providing your business with the diagnostic and creative input to help you plot a path to sustainability and profit.

Let us take a close look at your packaging and we can work with your business to help reduce your material use and waste and reduce your costs.

Clarity Cares

With at least 1 per cent of our profits going to charitable organisations or awareness campaigns, comply with Clarity and we can help your business to make a difference.

Please contact us to find out how we can donate to a charity on your behalf.

Ethical PRN Purchasing

Our pledge to prioritise investment in UK reprocessors is our way of ensuring our members’ hard-earned income is invested in ways that strengthen UK recycling infrastructure.

Comply with Clarity and we will ensure your PRN purchasing aligns and compliments your business corporate Social Responsibility programme.

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Our mission

Our mission, vision and values are deeply rooted in our business.

Our vision is to bring transparency, cost reduction and ethical behaviour to the compliance, recovery and recycling sectors, enabling businesses to make a difference to the world we live in, and for all that occupy it.

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